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Indoor Beverages at Ingrosso Bibite Bergamo

Mario started Volpi Claudio drinks shop in Bergamo during 1956. This drinks shop sales wine, beers, beverages, spirits, and other carbonated drinks. The supplier profits their customers by purchasing the products in a reduce price. Benefits them by delivering all of those items in their customer’s doorstep and organizes the events sporadically at their drink shop for the clients and so they offer them drinks. Teaming or dealing with Volpi Claudio wholesale drink company is profitable in a variety of ways since it can save yourself money and time at precisely the exact identical time. They supply the greatest and enormous brands of liqueurs, wines, beers and a lot more.

There are wide collections of bottled and draft products like craft beers, wines and so forth. Every thing people drink is available at a wholesale price within their shop or stock. The entire best product brands such as liqueurs, beers, wines, and beverages are always readily available in stock. They select all of these products sell and correctly, to provide simply the best and still offer the latest news also.


Volpi Bar is not just a drinking pub or lead earnings. It highlights on sharing conventional values which unite people in Ingrosso Bevande Bergamo. They believe this bar is opened for some thing bigger than just displaying their goods. Back in October 6thand 7th, they organize an event, which brings the best wines from all Italian regions and the local drinks products. A weekend collecting is re creating tasty pairings of fantastic wine and food, concentrate on enhancing the food and wine resources made and produced in Italy. These two days, apart from the tasting of wines and community drinks, people also attend an exhibition of vintage cars, motorbikes as well as different shows.

The Volpi Claudio wholesale drinks shop in Bergamo benefits people or their customers by supplying the beverages and a number of different drinks in a low rate and by giving discounts on every purchase. On buying the products either for the celebrations of the festival, for companies or two drinks at home, the buyers receive 5 percent to 10% discounts.

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